Dizzo is looking for homes for some of her stuffed guys and I have adopted FIVE! I loved stuffed guys. She's going to send them to me all the way from the U.K.!

Gee, I hope my old stuffed guys will be able to understand my new stuffed guys. Well, that's okay, we'll just be a polyglot household! 

Just Something to Get Past

My roommate and best friend of 35 years is going to have an operation on Wednesday. The doctors call it a "medium-risk" op, but it seems pretty freaking serious to me. She fell and tore a hole in her diaphragm. Her bowel then came creeping up through the hole and has taken up residence where her right lung normally hangs out, flattening the lung. So she's got only one working lung. The doctor is going to have to open her up and basically push her organs back down where they're supposed to be.
Making it even harder is the fact that her health isn't great to begin with. She's had fibromyalgia for more than twenty years and it's given her a lot of other health issues to deal with.
We don't talk about the upcoming op a lot, but it's always the elephant in the room, the thing that's RIGHT THERE. She's the one going through this. I need to be strong for her. But I just want this to be over.
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"Oh, come on, Sam!" Dean groaned. "You can't tell me the penguin stripper-gram wasn't funny!"

Sam didn't look up from his book. "Not funny, Dean."

"The fake tongue-piercing?"


"The alarm clock that squirted lube?"

"Blow me, Dean."

Dean sighed, defeated. "Man, you sure got your grumpy pants on today, Sammy."

Someone rapped on the door. Dean's face lit up. "Pizza man! Yeah!"

He hustled to the door, flung it open and was immediately smacked in the face with a chocolate cream pie.

Castiel peered around a stunned Dean and waved at Sam.

Sam closed his book. "Now that's funny!"


Anyone who hasn't seen Misha getting hit in the face with pies flung by J2 - google it! Seriously hysterical!


Oh man! Finally bought and am reading Supernatural Fangirls, by Katherine Larsen and Lynn S. Zubernis. Holy crap, this is AWESOME!

Damn it!

It's on the news that the government is now talking about removing military-type weapons from U.S. police departments, because they are too well-armed! That is bullshit, people! Our guys need their weapons because the criminals have military-type weapons! Are we going to let our police start taking knives to gun fights? I'd suggest we all start calling the White House and or state representatives and let them know we don't want this to happen. This is more bullshit backlash from the Ferguson mess. Hey, newsflash you reactionary idiots. No military weapons in that shooting, just a sidearm. You gonna take their sidearms, too? Man, I am hella freaking pissed. Since when do we let mobs rule?


I am so very thankful that Officer Wilson was not indicted for Michael Brown's death.

I wish that Michael Brown hadn't died, but Wilson shouldn't have to go to prison for doing his job and protecting his own life.

People seem to forget that although Brown was only 18 years old, he was already engaged in criminal activities. He committed a strong-arm robbery 30 minutes before his death, on film.

The authorities are going to release the grand jury evidence. I'm glad. I want people to read it and realize that this kid was not a victim. He was a criminal and when push comes to shove, I want the cop to go home, not the criminal.

I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here

Rewatching the episode. I feel -- sad, for Sam. He was ready to go, ready to die. The look on his face when Dean begged him to stay. Exhaustion, resignation, pain, sadness -- he just wanted to go.

Oh my freaking Chuck

I just watched Supernatural's 200th episode. FREAKING OUT! It was amazing and I loved it! The Samulet! Aaarrgghh! Adam, the whole Wincest and Destiel thing, just everything! And Chuck coming in at the end. That brought tears to my eyes. It was so great to see him. Seriously, can't stop smiling.